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Pet Collar Kits

Pet Patterns

Cantip Mouse Toy

Ruffle Collar Cover

Easy kits requires only basic sewing skills and equipment. Kits include detailed, illustrated instructions and top quality hardware. Most kits are available in two versions, one for large dogs and one for small dogs. The small dog versions are designed to be especially soft and lightweight.  

These kits teach you to make the collar strap from lightweight cotton fabrics and heavyweight interfacing rather than use nylon webbing.

All items made from the kit instructions are resellable. (The actual instructions are copyrighted.)

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Pet Patterns

Catnip Mouse Toy

Ruffle Collar Cover


  Start Your Own Collar Business!
A flexible opportunity to start a hobby, add to an existing craft display, or build to full time income with this home based business.


The Business Builder's kit features the Business Builder's Guide. This guide includes all the information in the Dog, Cat and Biscuit Kits. Also included is enough hardware and other materials to make over $150.00 worth of pet products with the fabrics of your choice. Click Business Builder's Kit for more information.

To see the items included in the Business Builder's kit visit the Complete hardware and materials list for Business Builder's Kit page.

For a quick view of the items that can be made using the Business Builder's kit visit the Product Sample



Webbing Conversion Chart-This chart is meant to be used in combination with the instructions in Creative Designworks Collar Kits. The kits do not have specific instructions for using webbing. Use the measurments in the chart to substitute nylon webbing for the handmade cotton webbing. Then follow the instructions to construct your item.